17 November 2007

All new Toyota Corolla

There was once an era when the Corolla used to rule the segment, and had overtaken all its competitors. What happened? It was the Civic from Honda that was the end of the era, even after many discounts and offers, it could still not get the Civic, and now they've got a new one, better to get the back its dignity, Corolla, the world car.

The redesigned version of the Corolla covers were taken out in the 2007 SEMA show where people were ready with their cams eagerly waiting for the first glance.
Engine, Power and Transmission

The Corolla ready for the US is getting a 2.4L DOHC four-cylinder engine which will produce 158bhp, but that s none of our business, but will also anger you as they get better engines with lesser price.. arrg. So, what we will be getting is a 1.8L DOHC petrol engine, which will be producing 132bhp, the power is exactly to that of the Civic and little better torque. They will be getting the traditional 5-speed manual, or the Toyota Corolla might be getting the Automatic Version too.
Exteriors, features and Safety

The all new Corolla is designed from quality products keeping in mind the style and shape. It was designed by the Toyota Design in association with styling studios from Italy. Ah yes! Italy, people will like that country's design. It offers all new body with sleek, stylish shape and with these styling, space inside is made up. The new one is a wide fella, it is lower, and much much sportier than compared to the old one. Although the parts are borrowed from the Camry, the fit and finish is not that impressive, deep lines are seen on the hood.

There are lines and curves that add a defined look to the overall profile. The front and side is brilliant, amazing styling and will definitely give a peck on the Civic, but where the problem is the back, its spoiled the sportiness of the overall look, it created a simple business type of style. The Safety features include the usual dual front passenger airbags and side airbags and effective headrests, and including ABS. Some of the others are rear defogger, fog lamps, seat belt pretensioner.
Dimensions Of The Car

Overall Length: 4,540mm
Overall Width: 1,760mm
Overall Height: 1,465mm
Wheelbase: 2,600mm
Interiors and Comfort

The interiors are modern and refreshed, better than the current one and much cleaner. The wood days are over in the center console, but are used in the door hand rest. A new steering wheel might be on the loose. The instruments are well laid out and there is an extra glove box this time, one after the other. The Corolla now is said to have an enormous legroom, well even this will have. The storage areas are also big and enhanced. 60/40 split seats at the rear add an extra comfort to the passenger to access the boot.

Overall, the Interiors are well laid out and clean, but unlike the Civic the Corolla ain't funky with lights.

The new one is definitely a good one from Toyota and will definitely take the dog for the walk from the Civic. Tough choice between the customer will be created.

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Baba said...

Seems impressive. When is this being launched in India and at what price????????

siddu69 said...

its priced around 12lakhs and the best part is that it is comin with crdi by around august this year...see whatcar magazine march 2008

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